After living in Chains, dog cries during rescue

Dogs are extremely loving creatures. These devoted beings offer nothing but love and loyalty to people. However, they are often mistreated in response. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more so-called owners treat their dogs very cruelly!

With countless puppies trapped in this heartbreaking situation, it is simply impossible for rescue organizations to save them all. But at least they’re trying! Fortunately, this charming fox terrier is one of those dogs who got a second chance thanks to the efforts of some kind-hearted guys.

When Victor Larkhill, the founder of Let’s Adopt International, got a call about a dog in desperate need of help, he immediately went to help.

Soon after he and his team of volunteers arrived in the city of Cartel, Spain, where the poor dog was kept, they simply could not believe their eyes from what they saw.

The rescue team saw the puppy. She was sitting against the wall in shackles. Her fur was tangled all over her body. It was clear that the heartless owners were completely ignoring this helpless creature.

The poor dog had a rather large tumor, because of which she could not sit.

But despite all these difficulties she went through, this angel was very friendly with Victor and his team. It was as if the dog understood that they were here to save her. When Victor approached her, he immediately noticed the cuteness in his eyes. The dog immediately started licking his rescuer’s hand and wagging his tail.

Just imagine, the poor baby didn’t have a name. Not to mention that he was in chains almost from birth.

Therefore, the first thing the rescuers did was to remove the chains from her neck and give her a name. She was named Maria. The reaction of a dog when she realizes that she is finally free is truly heartbreaking. She just started crying.

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