Amaye’s authentic beauty – girls with unusual eyelashes

Every mother thinks her child is the best, is proud of her child, and wants to share her joy with others by posting photos of her child on the Net. Stephanie did the same, posting a photo of her daughter Amaye on her page. Users were struck by the eyes of the girl – huge, deep, framed by unreal long eyelashes.

The girl was so beautiful that visitors immediately accused her mother of using photoshop and other appearance-enhancing programs for PR purposes. Looking at the photo, you could really think you were looking at a very beautiful doll.

Among the subscribers there were calls for the mother to immediately stop bullying the little girl and take off her artificial eyelashes. Then Stephanie posted a video in the Network, where she takes a close-up picture of Amaye. And everyone saw that the girl’s beauty was genuine, and the eyelashes were her own.

Nature has generously gifted the girl. Her unusual appearance is the result of a mix of genes from an African-American father and a Latvian mother. It is very common for such marriages to result in beautiful children.

The girl’s mother says that Amaya has had long eyelashes since birth. The girl grew up and her eyelashes got thicker and longer. They really do look like artificial eyelashes.

There are three children in the family, and Amaye is the middle child.

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