An abandoned dog was pressed into the corner of the enclosure, not understanding why it was left

Ritter is a big dog, but at the same time very cheerful and kind. For a long time he was part of the family and loved his owners very much. Unfortunately, the circumstances were such that the family could no longer pay for their house. They also did not have the opportunity to find a place and means to keep two dogs. Besides Ritter, there was a corgi in the family. With a heavy heart, the owners had to take their pets to the shelter, hoping that they would be taken care of there and find a new family for them.

Ritter was very hard going through the separation from his family, with whom he had lived all his life. The dog could not understand where the people he loved had gone. And also why no one comes to him. The dog did not leave the enclosure and looked at the floor all day long. The shelter staff tried to give Ritter the love and care he needed. But it was clear that he really needed a family and his own home.

In order to find a home for Ritter as soon as possible, the volunteers resorted to the help of social networks. The story of a big but very sad dog became known very quickly.

The girl had long dreamed of a dog and was very sympathetic to large breeds. Sophie could not realize her dreams of a pet due to the absence of her home. But recently she became the owner of real estate. And as soon as she saw the photo of Ritter, she realized that he would become her best friend.

Sofia was very worried that because of Ritter’s popularity, she would not have time to pick him up. The girl told a story about a sad kind-hearted man to her boss and he allowed her to leave work early so that she could get to the shelter.

Already arriving at the shelter, Sophie became nervous. The girl understood that parting with the previous owners was a serious injury for the dog. Therefore, she assumed that Ritter would not want to go with her.

All fears were in vain. After all, as soon as the girl entered the room, Ritter approached her and allowed her to stroke his big head. Sophie immediately took the good-natured dog to her home. Sitting in Sophie’s car, Ritter began to smile. After all, he realized that he once again has a home and a person who will give him love and attention.

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