An amazing friendship between a fawn and a German shepherd dog, who became a guard for her

The amazing German Shepherd named Marge differs from everyone else in her special kindness and with a desire to protect those who are orphaned or helpless, even if they are not puppies.

According to Cheryl Stephen, who is the owner of the shepherd, the dog was given to her by friends almost nine years ago. And she was the only absolutely purebred and thoroughbred dog of all that she once had. Before that, she had only different street dogs that had no home and were helpless.

The dog demonstrated its first unique kindness six years ago when it rescued a helpless little fawn. The poor fawn was found by the owner’s friend. After the appearance of a cute fawn in the house, the dog began to guard her and did not leave her for a minute.

Cheryl has a large farm in which there are not only deer and dogs, but also many other animals. There are also chickens, roosters, horses, ponies, pigeons. But the dog is so faithfully friends only with a small fawn. They have become true friends who love to play together and do not leave each other for a minute.

But people have a lot to learn from many animals. We often forget what true friendship and kindness are. And we admire and marvel at how animals are able to love, help the weak and be loyal friends even when some people treat them not humanly.

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