An amazing story of friendship between a big dog and a newborn kitten. They are very cute

Sometimes we become spectators of the amazing friendship of animals. They sometimes love and care for each other more than some people.

Today we will tell you the story of the friendship of a small, tiny cat and a big dog, who have become very close friends.

When a small, newborn cat was thrown into the street, the owner of the dog picked her up. On the way home, she wondered how her dog would behave after all. After all, he is very big and can be dangerous for a cat. And in general, the owner’s house was very large. The kitten could get lost there or hurt itself with something.

After all, she brought the kitten home. To her great surprise and joy, the dog took the cat very well. From the first days he carefully cared for her, because he understood that the cat is small and requires a lot of attention and care. The owner and the dog did everything to keep the cat warm. They were her parents. They also took her to the best veterinarian who took care of the kitten and treated her.

Every day Norm (the dog) and the cat loved each other more and more and were inseparable. But one day their neighbor really liked the cat, and the owner decided to give it to her neighbor. She knew that she would be very well looked after, and she would always be surrounded by love and care.

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