An American woman gave her infant daughter a manicure and caused online outrage

A new mom got her baby a manicure and signed it with a slogan that urged to get nails done from an early age. In this way she decided to attract the attention of parents of little girls, who are only a few months old, to give manicures to their babies.

This time, James’ model was her newborn daughter, to whom she did several types of manicure and showed pictures of the work done on social networks.

However, the public reaction was just the opposite of what the woman expected to see. Internet users noted that such a procedure can harm the baby’s delicate fingernails. In addition, it is worth fearing for her safety because of such long and sharp nails.

Many parents try to protect their babies from danger and put on special mittens so that they will not hurt themselves in any way. In the end, the woman got tired of the many criticisms, and decided to remove her «creative» advertising. We want to believe that she has come to her senses and will no longer harm her child by using it for her own selfish purposes.

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