An autistic child built an exact replica of the Titanic out of LEGO!

The world’s largest LEGO replica of the Titanic was built by Brynjar Carl Birgisson, an autistic boy from Reykjavik, Iceland.

It took him a total of 700 hours (11 months) and 56,000 parts.

Birgisson built an exact replica of the liner and maintained its proportions: the toy Titanic is 8 meters long and 1.5 meters high.

The boy was fond of trains until his grandfather took him fishing. And Brynjar fell in love with ships.

When he was ten, he knew everything there was to know about the Titanic.

«When my mother and I visited Legoland in Denmark and I saw all these amazing models of planes, ships and houses, I immediately wanted to create something of my own. And then the idea of building my own Titanic came to mind,» says the boy.

Brynjar is now 15, and he remembers playing with LEGO for hours when he was 5:

«Sometimes I built something according to the instructions, and sometimes I let my imagination run wild.

Brynjar was supported by family and friends in his work on the Titanic, and his grandfather, an engineer, calculated how many construction parts his grandson would need.

Relatives raised money to buy Brynjar the necessary number of parts

Brynjar says it was only through his family and his work on the Titanic model that he was able to come to terms with his illness.

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