An elephant made friends with a dog: an amazing story of friendship between two animals

Animals are beautiful and amazing creatures. They can help each other, make friends and love. Friendly relations between animals are not uncommon. And their manifestations are funny and touching for people who enjoy watching, filming and photographing.

In the California safari park Myrtle Beach, a Labrador named Bella is friends with an African elephant named Bubbles.According to the owner of the dog Bella, the animals became friends on the basis of a common love for water procedures. When an elephant enters the water, the dog often sits on his back or head, sometimes using them as a jumping tower. Both animals are incredibly fond of swimming.

The friendship of animals constantly arouses the interest of the guests of the nature protection zone.

According to Bhagavan Antle, director of the wildlife park in California, Bella just «fell in love» with the good-natured Bubble as soon as she saw him for the first time.

«Bella likes to climb on it, and then jump into the water from a height. This is her favorite entertainment. Especially when the Bubble throws a small ball into the water, and Bella jumps after it. Who else will she have so much fun with?» Bhagavan Antle laughs.

Bella and Bubble have been friends for two years and throughout this time they eat together, swim, like to lie on the grass and play with a tennis ball.

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