At the age of seven, these girls were considered the most beautiful twins in the world. And this is what they are now.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose were born in California. Their birth was eagerly awaited by their loved ones, their mother and father, as well as their older brother.

Seven years have passed. The girls have grown up and, thanks to social media, have become real stars, conquering millions of hearts with their beauty.

That’s what the newborn twins were like.

Their ethereal beauty is, of course, a credit to their parents. Look at this sweet couple.

When she appeared with her children in public places, the mother constantly heard words of admiration for her daughters and advice to send their photos to modeling agencies.

Jacqui Clementes, a mother of twins, turned her daughters into an Internet sensation after she set up an Instagram account for them on their seventh birthday. Online users were delighted with the sisters’ looks.

Building a modeling career girls began at the age of 7, it does not stop now. The young models, who recently turned 12, actively sign contracts with children’s clothing brands and fashion magazines.

Their mother personally promotes her children in the world of celebrities.

The woman has been and continues to be condemned online for depriving the girls of their childhood, but Jacqui invariably responds with one thing: “Have you met my children? No. I appreciate your concern and assure you that Leah and Ava are fine! They are happy! They have a wonderful childhood with lots of friends and activities.”

The world’s most beautiful twins also have an older brother who recently turned 14. The boy, like his sisters, works as a model.

Let the adorable twins be accompanied only by success in their future lives!

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