Australia’s handsome firefighters have starred for a new calendar — along with the critters!

Firefighters from Australia have a habit of keeping themselves in top physical shape and showing it off regularly by taking pictures with minimal clothing for a calendar for charity and to let people know who protects them from fire. So this year, when it was time to prepare for the next shoot, the question arose: what will be the highlight? So it wouldn’t be boring. And then they were all given kittens, puppies and even a koala!

This tradition is now 27 years old! That’s how long Australian lifeguards have been involved in creative and social activities, taking pictures for calendars. It’s a reason to keep themselves in shape, to please their female fans, and to raise money for charity. A quarter of a century of success speaks for itself!

The new calendar is interesting because for the first time firefighters from France and Germany took part in it. And this is not accidental, as the idea has reached the international level. The calendar is a trial, and the next ones will be fully international, for which the most beautiful rescuers from different countries will be selected!

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