Baby opossum lost its mom in car accident: it gets adopted by caring dog

Dogs and woodland creatures are rarely friends. Chances are, if your dog is barking loudly at night, he or she has cornered a wild animal, and said animal is in an unreachable location. At night, these animals are often raccoons and opossums, and dogs will go to great lengths to hunt them down. But, every now and then, dogs can forge alliances and even friendships with wild animals, such as the friendship between Poncho the baby opossum and Hantu the white German shepherd.

Dog Adopts Baby Opossum

The fate seemed to be sealed for this tiny baby opossum, after his mom tragically passed away in a car accident. Life in the wild, is just impossible for a baby animal, without its mom to rely on. But fortunately for this little animals, he was found just in time and luckily he got a second chance.

Dog Adopts Baby Opossum After His Mom Was Hit By A Car

Poncho’s mother was hit and killed by a car, and he was left for dead on the side of the road. Luckily, he was found by humans, who adopted him and provided veterinary assistance to help him grow into a healthy adult opossum. However, Poncho still had no mother, and thus, Hantu entered the picture. With no puppies of her own, Hantu took Poncho in as her marsupial puppy, and they quickly became inseparable.

Dog Adopts Orphaned Opossum And Insists On Carrying Her 'Baby' On Her Back

“They are both playing important roles in each other’s lives,” Robert Johnson, staff member at the Rare Species Fund, explained. “When Hantu goes for her daily walks through the woods, she won’t leave the house until Poncho is securely mounted on her back.”

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