Betrayal caught on video: girl threw puppy on the street, he tried to catch up with her car

Twilight. The lady in red gets out of the car, takes a tiny doggie out of the car, and carries it in her arms. In those seconds, it still seems that she is carrying it gently, with love. But here comes the lady is in the yard of a house, she puts the pet in the snow and leaves in a hurry.

The puppy probably hasn’t realized yet that he’s been thrown away. He rushes to the car to get back to the warm cabin of the car. But the car door closes right in front of him, the car flashes its headlights, starts to turn around, but stops…

The dog is running around. The woman gets out, but she doesn’t take the puppy with her, but leaves it in the yard again. This is the yard of the «Faithful Friend» shelter. The woman, apparently, decided to drop the baby off. Only when she left it in the cold, she didn’t think that a November night would kill a baby that was a month old. Or did she?

The «foundling» is already frightened, but does not yet believe he has been disposed of. He runs after the woman again. Again the woman brings him back to the deserted courtyard. The baby rushes after her again, but apparently this time the lady has more willpower, and drives away, speeding away in a car.

«The puppy is left behind in the hope that the woman will come back for him. The video shows him freezing, crying and screaming. It was windy that night, and he didn’t even have a place to hide,» says the shelter’s founder.

There’s a trailer in the yard, with a volunteer on duty. He didn’t know that right outside the door a little baby with a short hair that couldn’t keep him warm was shivering with cold and whimpering with resentment. It was just luck that the volunteer went out to the store.

«The exhausted, frozen puppy huddled on a snowdrift. Another two hours, and he would have died. Just to his luck a man came out,» says the shelter’s founder.

The boy immediately carried the foundling inside. Despite the fact that the little doggie spent two hours in the cold, its health turned out to be strong. The dog did not hold a grudge against people; maybe he did not even realize what had happened.

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