Bizarre cars whose owners have made sure that only they are looked at on the road

Owning a car can come with its fair share of worries and concerns. There are many things to consider when it comes to keeping your car in good condition. However, there are times when these are not the most difficult tasks. After all, there are some people for whom an adequate looking car is a mortal boredom and they do their best to make other drivers on the road look only at them.


This car is most likely the carpenter’s.

Smart car in the «Back to the Future» style

The car, as if based on the fairy tale «The Three Little Pigs

It’s as soft as a rabbit

Someone did a good job remaking this car into the Mater from Cars

When the doctor advised you to walk more and you converted your car into a sneaker

This car even has a matching hat

If Shrek had a car, it would be like this

An upside-down car that no doubt blows the minds of other drivers

The shoe car

Go home, car. You’re drunk

One look at this car is enough to stop eating pork


Map of the city on the car. You won’t get lost with this one

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