Blanca and Blanco, 2 dogs rescued from hell

Blanca and Blanco, two dogs rescued from brutal fighting in the ring, receive love for the first time in their lives. When people think about dogs involved in fights, most of them get scared and think that the Argentine mastiff, pit bull or Staffordshire Bull Terrier are just killers.

Тhey never imagine that a dog participating in this cruel act, under the guidance of a human, can be a shy, charming and rebellious dog with hundreds of scars on his body and severely damaged paws.

This is a Blank and a Blank

Собаки Бланки Бланко спасли драку

Blanca is an innocent one-year-old dog of an Argentine mastiff, forced to fight all her life in dogfights.

Blanco is a 9-month-old American pit bull who had to face the same horrors.

Having irresponsible owners who took poor care of them, Blanca and Blanca were emaciated and very thin.

Собаки Бланки Бланко спасли драку

Fortunately, these dogs were saved by Radon Ugli in June 2020.
Radon is a fighter for the rights of dogs from the city of Taurirt, a city in Morocco, in the eastern region.
Radon said Chats Chiens:
«When I first saw her, Blanca’s entire body was covered with scars from dog fights, indisputable proof that the young dog had been mistreated. »

He added:
«The previous owner of the Blanca was not a responsible dog breeder. He separated her from the puppies after 3 days and sold them all.»
When Radon brought Blanca home, she refused to eat or drink. She spent most of her time looking for her puppies and growled whenever someone approached her.

Собаки Бланки Бланко спасли драку

Thanks to Radon’s big heart and patience, Blanca is no longer that dog with a sad look. She is playful, loving. And most importantly, she began to trust people again.

Собаки Бланки Бланко спасли драку

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