Boy sells his only toy to feed his poor mother and brother

Lupito lived with his unemployed mother and younger brother in a small house in Durango. Like other children his age, the Mexican boy wanted to play with his friends and have fun, but fate had other plans.

After observing what was going on at home, the little boy decided to do something for his family. He took his only toy, a ball, and left home on a mission to help his family.

Little Lupito went to the nearest store with his last toy in his hand, hoping to sell it. His innocent mind only came up with this idea to help his mother, not knowing that no one would buy the ball.

While the boy was standing, waiting for someone to buy his toy, a man by the name of Rubén Cervantes saw him. Curious, he approached Lupito and asked him why he was selling his ball.

When Cervantes learned that the little boy was selling his toy to help his family, he asked him for how much, to which Lupito replied:

“I don’t want money. I want milk and bread for my brother.”

Cervantes recorded his conversation with Lupito and uploaded it to TikTok, which melted the hearts of millions of people. The video was shared more than 50,000 times and received more than 17,000 comments.

After watching the video, netizens couldn’t help but post messages of support on TikTok.
Viewers were stunned to hear the child’s response. They were amazed at how his little mind could process such mature concepts. Instead of asking for money, Lupito asked the man to give him food.

In the video, the boy can be seen smiling as Cervantes took the ball from him and hugged him. He told Lupito that he could easily give him the food he asked for and that he was willing to help him.

Cervantes also asked the boy if he believed in God, and he said yes. Little did he know that his faith in God and his good intentions would soon bring him an unexpected reward.

While other children his age were enjoying a carefree life, Lupito was worried about his home’s financial situation. Netizens were saddened when they learned that Lupito’s circumstances had forced him to sell his only toy.

After Lupito shared his concerns with Cervantes, the man surprised his family with a box full of groceries. Cervantes was a member of an organization called “Heroes without Capes,” which helped poor people in a variety of ways.

When the man learned of Lupito’s situation, he told his organization. Soon, another video appeared on TikTok, showing Cervantes leaving a box and a bag outside the boy’s house, and knocking on the door before leaving.

Moments later, the little boy’s mom walked out the door and read the note Cervantes had left with the package. It read:

“Don’t lose faith.”

After reading the message, the mother went back inside and called her son. They picked up the groceries and took them inside the house.

In the video, Cervantes showed what was inside the box. In addition to basic kitchen products, it contained fruits, vegetables, bread, toilet paper, a box of eggs, cash and a new ball for Lupito.

Internet users were very appreciative of the organization’s gesture, and we hope they will continue to help people like little Lupito. The little boy also shared a message for his father:

“I miss you so much, I want you to come so my brother won’t cry anymore. I’m going to behave very well, we are waiting for you with my grandmother”.

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