By the trash on the pavement, two little lumps lie clinging to each other, trying to keep warm, to survive.

It’s a cold, snowy evening. There are two crumbs lying right on the pavement near the trash garbage cans. They snuggle up to each other, trying to stick together. The only thing they want is to just survive.

One caring girl could not leave the crumbs in trouble. She brought them a box, food, drink, and then asked us for help. Of course, we responded.

The babies were taken to the shelter. They did a veterinary examination and treated them for parasites. However, after a couple of days the red-haired dog felt unwell. The girl took her home. The baby had to undergo serious and long treatment.

Specialists diagnosed an infestation. A hard and long recovery followed. After the disease, the baby’s stomach did not work well, so they started giving her probiotics. This gave a good result.

One of Amora’s best periods, her childhood, is stolen from her. A third of that time is irretrievably gone. We hope to find her a home and loving owners to make up for such a loss.

At the moment the baby is at the shelter on free range. She is a cheerful, cute, good-looking dog.

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