Cat gets depressed after losing kittens: she meets a family of puppies who need her love.

There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children.This is certainly true in the animal world. Catherine, a charming fluffy cat from the feline family, recently experienced something terrible.

Catherine is considered a stray cat who has no safe place after being abandoned. She was with little kittens. The cat was rescued after she had been on the street for God knows how long.

She was taken to an animal care center. But her kittens didn’t survive.

«Katrin was taken to the Langebaan Animal Care Center 3 weeks ago as abandoned, and unfortunately her kittens did not survive. She was still breastfeeding, so we ensured her safety until we could sterilize her,» the animal care center shared on its Facebook page.

For the poor cat, this experience was absolutely devastating. She was constantly crying, wondering what had happened to her children.

She didn’t have a home to go to, so Diesel Maralich, president of Langebaan Animal Care, decided to take her in as a foster cat. She integrated very well with the rest of the animals! Catherine felt lonely, but after a while her tender personality was revealed, and she began spending time with the rest of the pets.

«She was very gentle and wasn’t afraid of any of my foster dogs — she would come up to them and rub against each of them,» Izel said.

However, it was very difficult for Catherine to be alone, especially at night. She couldn’t fall asleep if no one was with her.

One day Catherine unexpectedly found a whole new family to whom she could give her love.

A litter of puppies was suddenly brought to the Langebaan Animal Care Center. And when they first met Catherine, the connection between them was instantaneous. The lives of these animals had to change completely.

The puppies were brought at the age of 3 weeks. Employees of the shelter say that they were simply abandoned and they are not needed by the owners.

Since they were babies, they still needed milk.

And it turned out that there was one mom in particular who was more than willing to help them. The dogs didn’t want to drink Catherine’s milk at first, but then they got used to it.

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