Charming moment: a loving mother of a polar bear plays with her baby in the snow for the first time.

This is a touching moment when a bear and her cub play in the snow for the first time. The couple goes out into the snow after spending the last few months in a den. Their beautiful moment of joy is captured on camera!

Some charming scenes at the Novosibirsk Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Russia. Becoming a mom for the second time, Gerda and her charming baby get the opportunity to enjoy the snow together for the first time.

While the mother has experienced many winters, for the little cub this is the first encounter with snow. Needless to say, he likes it!

In the first few months after birth, polar bear cubs are extremely powerless. Therefore, they rely 100% on their mothers. The mother and cubs don’t even leave the den until the cubs get stronger. In this situation, the baby has already turned several months old, so he and his mother could get some fresh air.

Despite the fact that the baby is strong enough to play in the snow, he will still have to stay with his mother for a few more months. The baby’s dad, Kay, is not allowed to be near the baby or mother at the moment. His reaction can be quite unpredictable. So the staff does not take risks.

Cautiously seeing so much snow, the curious kid immediately began to inspect the surroundings. Of course, under his mother’s supervision!

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