Children risked their lives to save mom from armed intruder attack: “It was really scary”.

Rachel fell in love with Daryl Fields and had a relationship with him for seven years together. The couple lived in Brisbane, Australia with their five children. Fields apparently loved the children unconditionally and his wife even more.

However, things started to go wrong between them and they decided to end the relationship. At first, their separation was amicable, but things took a different turn the day Daryl did the unthinkable.

Moore was getting her children ready for bedtime when she heard a loud noise in her driveway. Her maternal instincts kicked in immediately. She ran into the bedroom with her boys and closed the door.

Rachel knew her ex-husband had parked his car in the driveway, but she had no idea why he had driven by her house in the middle of the night.

“We could hear him drive by, and it was really scary,” said Kaylea, one of Rachel’s daughters.

The intruder

As Moore and his children felt their hearts racing, Fields entered the house and began searching for them. When he reached the bedroom, he was armed and looked his ex-wife in the eye.

Rachel had no idea what was going through her ex-husband’s mind. She could only think of her children because she wanted to protect them. The caring mother was unaware that the man she once loved was now intent on taking her life.

No mercy

When the children saw Daryl standing in the doorway of the room, they begged him to forgive their mother, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he went ahead and did what he had planned.

“He didn’t think twice about it,” Moore said.

The children were horrified to see their mother lying injured on the floor. The man they loved and admired had done something they hadn’t expected. Instead of hiding from their armed father, the children risked their lives to save their mother.

“I thought it would be the end for the whole family,” recalled Cameron, another of Rachel’s children.

The small army

The boy said his body “decided” to act and stop what was happening before it was too late.

Before Fields could continue his violent act, Cameron got up, ran at him and disarmed his father. Cameron and his siblings, Jayden and Kaylea, took self-defense classes where they learned how to fight.

“I was taught two weeks before,” Cameron revealed.

Protecting their mother

After disarming Daryl, the children prevented him from harming their mother. They applied their martial arts skills and did their best to save their mother. Meanwhile, four-year-old Zayn carried his little sister Samantha and hid under the bed with her.

Moore was unconscious as her children tried to protect each other and her from harm. The kids wanted to keep Fields from causing more damage, little Kaylea managed to pull her mother out of the house.

“I got her away from him so that if he came back for her, the boys could stop him,” Kaylea said.

Then, she did something that surprised her mother. Kaylea brought a bandage and wrapped it around Moore’s injured arm.

Calling for help

Kaylea also called the police for help and waited for emergency responders to arrive to take her mother to the hospital. Jayden helped her explain to the officers what had happened inside her home.

Police arrested Fields while Rachel was being transported to the hospital. The children were not able to see their mother while she was hospitalized.

Moore believes her children’s love for her drove them to do what they did. With tears in her eyes she said she wouldn’t have “the guts to do what they did.” She felt very grateful to have her babies in her life.

Brave children

When people heard about the bravery of Moore’s children, they were shocked. Authorities decided to honor the children with the Australian Bravery Awards.

While Rachel underwent multiple surgeries to treat her injured arm, the court sentenced Fields to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty.


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