Chimpanzee and little bear became real friends

There is one zoo where a very interesting event happened. The local chimpanzee Jan began to take care of a small, almost newborn bear. The baby turned out to be an orphan. He was rescued from poachers and transported to the zoo for further nursing. And Jan decided that he should take custody of this little creature!

Bonchuk, such a name was given to the bear, along with Jan

They are practically the same size!

The baby feeds mainly on milk. He’s only 28 days old.

Now Jan is not bored and lonely.He has a little friend!

Where little Bonchuk comes from is unknown. He was in the poachers’ boat all alone, without his parents.

The bear cub needs company and support. Therefore, the zoo staff is only glad of their friendship

Many people, having heard about such an interesting case, come to see Bonchuk and Jan

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