Colorist Jack Martin proved that gray hair is beautiful!

About three years ago in California, a woman went to colorist Jack Martin for help dyeing her hair. She says that years ago she had gone gray and had to dye her hair brown about every three weeks. But now she is retired. She goes to visit her grandchildren, relatives or travels and she absolutely does not want to waste time dyeing. «Can you help me?» — the woman asked.

Martin agreed. And they did the following: they dyed the woman’s hair a silver color, which gives her gray hair a natural shine and luster, but it also eliminates the need to dye it once a month.

The woman was very happy with the result. The colorist published this photo on his Instagram page three years ago, and it is still discussed to this day, and for good reason: he is a true master of gray and silver hair.

«Clients with natural gray hair come to me two or three times a year, not every few weeks,» Martin says.

The first paint job usually takes about 10 hours. Martin says he first uses a rinse to remove all traces of artificial dye. Then, without touching the gray roots, he bleaches the rest of the hair to prepare it for the new silver color.

Next, and most importantly. He selects a new color based on the natural gray shade. He asks his clients to come in with their natural roots grown back by 8-10 cm, so that they can see their natural hair color. Then he recreates the color pattern on the entire head.

«Some clients have salt-and-pepper hair in the front and darker hair in the back. Then I add a darker color, too, so that the shade repeats the natural one,» he explains.

Ten hours later, the client leaves the salon with a brighter version of her natural color.

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