Cow-mom asks man to save her calf

Meet Flo. Flo lives on a farm located in the Canadian city of Millbrook in the province of Ontario. Fortunately, Flo has everything a cow needs for a happy and carefree life. During the day, she goes out to graze on green meadows with picturesque and cool ponds.

Once Flo got pregnant, but the day of birth almost turned into a tragedy.

Man Films Cow Acting Strangely, Sees It Needs His Help

The birth began on the hillside, at the base of which there was an electric fence. And although the calving went fine, the calf soon somehow slipped under the fence and ended up outside. No matter how the poor guy was rushing back, he could not go back — the electric fence interfered. It went on for a long time, and it seemed that all hope was already lost.

Mother cow asks man to help rescue her newborn calf

Fortunately, Dave was driving nearby at that moment. He saw a herd of cows that had wandered into a pond in the middle of the field to cool off. He liked the sight so much that he stopped and decided to try to shoot everything on camera. And then he suddenly noticed Flo. The cow was obviously very worried about something, and he couldn’t figure out what exactly.

Flo beat her hooves angrily and bellowed desperately. Then the cow suddenly looked straight into Dave’s eyes, as if trying to tell him something. And the sounds she was making at that moment most resembled cries for help. Dave decided to come over and find out what the animal wanted from him. Soon he had already discovered the cause of the cow’s anxiety.

Dave saw a calf lying in the grass near the electric fence. At that moment, he did not understand her, how to explain Flo’s behavior — did she want him to stay away from the calf, or did she want him to help them? Anyway, Dave realized that the cows could not do without his help.

The calf clearly needed maternal care. In addition, he was lying right by the road and could get hit by a car.

Mama Cow Signals Man to Help Save Her Newborn Calf

Dave decided to try to push the poor guy under the hedge. To do this, he first had to lift the live wires, and then push the calf under them. Fortunately, the calf realized what was happening and began to assist his savior. Thanks to this, the poor guy still managed to push under the hedge.

Dave understood that both he and the calf were expecting several unpleasant and very strong electric shocks. And so it happened. But he did not give up and continued to push the calf through the fence, hoping only that he would not start moo in pain. He didn’t want to worry Flo. Fortunately, this did not happen, and the poor guy soon found himself on the other side! After that, the mother cow and her calf thoroughly sniffed each other and went into the field.

Mother cow clearly asks man to rescue her newborn calf

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