Cows helped American police catch a car thief

In the US state of Florida, 46-year-old Jennifer Kaufman and a friend stole a car. But their location was quickly calculated by the police. The chase began. At some point, the criminals on the stolen car got stuck in the field. The police dog promptly detained the driver. But his girlfriend went on the run. The fleeing woman came across a pasture where a surprise in the form of a herd of cows was waiting for her.

Стадо коров справилось с поимкой преступника лучше полиции США - видео

Curious animals chased the woman for several minutes. And as a result, they drove the woman to the fence, where law enforcement officers were already waiting for her. The unusual chase was captured from a police helicopter.

Любопытные животные несколько минут преследовали женщину и в итоге загнали к ограде, где её уже ждали стражи правопорядка. Необычная погоня была запечатлена с полицейского вертолета

The footage shows how the woman throws the car into the field and tries to hide from the guards, when suddenly a herd of cows joins the operation.Sixteen animals arrange a real hunt, chase the hijacker for a few minutes. And one cow even gets close to the fugitive at a dangerous distance. As a result, the herd presses the woman to the fence, where patrolmen are already waiting for her. The accomplice also failed to leave, he was detained by a police dog.

Коровы помогли американским полицейским поймать угонщицу автомобиля

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reports: «Our immediate response team was helping Sanford Police track down two suspects who crashed a stolen car and tried to escape. A herd of cows provided a great help to law enforcement agencies, cornering a criminal who got lost in their area.»

The report says that 1.3 grams of cocaine, a tube set on fire on both sides, two spoons and two needles were found in the stolen car.

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