Cute or cruel? Photos of a luxurious dog manicure caused a web storm

Our pets have become a family for us for a long time, especially if they are as small and cute as Coco Chihuahua. Why not give a manicure to the baby, as a hostess? But not everyone agreed that it’s cute. Some call it animal cruelty.

Maritza found baby Coco in a box outside her apartment door five years ago.Why someone decided to get rid of the baby chihuahua remains a mystery. But soon the dog became dear to the girl .

She pampered her, brought her the most delicious treats, dressed her up in beautiful dresses and turned her into a favorite of thousands of subscribers on her TikTok. And one day the girl decided to go even further and give the dog a real princess manicure.

«Coco is my child, and one day I thought about giving her a manicure. I didn’t expect everything to go so well.»

Maritza took false nails, processed them to the width of the tiny claws of the animal, covered them with gel polish, did a French manicure and pasted rhinestones. The work lasted almost forty minutes, which fits into a small video.

The video about the luxurious nail art has gained more than three million views. Coco posed with her elegant legs crossed like a real Frenchwoman. She charmed subscribers — but not all.

Some people were shocked by what they saw. They said it was animal cruelty. It’s hard to say what they meant. It is possible that the glue for false nails can damage the natural coating of the dog’s claws. But Maritza explains that subscribers have nothing to worry about.

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