Despite the pain, the cat continued to feed the hedgehogs, which she cared for like a mother

This touching story was seen by city residents with their own eyes, and others learned about it through cute photos and videos. This story is about the cat Musya and her unusual foster cubs.

Musya lives in a zoo. The staff tells us that for the first time she became a mother and took care not only of her babies, but also of the kittens who were left without a mother. This time Musya had much more unusual foster cubs — hedgehogs.

Eight tiny hedgehogs were left without their mother. These animals feed on milk, and just like kittens, it is important for them to spend the first three months of their lives with their mother, who will feed and warm them. The squeaks of hungry babies who were left all alone were heard by Musya. The zoo workers didn’t try to plant cubs, the cat came to their squeaks and climbed into the nest and fed and then brought up strange babies.
Musya paid a lot of attention to the babies, she even tried to wash them.

This behavior is not surprising for a cat. Even though Musya was spayed just a couple of weeks before the hedgehogs were born, this did not affect her maternal instinct. The sound of crying babies triggered a hormonal surge and Musya took on the role of a mother. According to zoo workers, the hedgehogs were lucky, because without a cat their chances of survival were low.

Hormones led to the fact that the cat got milk after the sterilization. The hedgehogs quickly figured out how to satisfy their hunger.

The cat feeds the babies and endures the pain the needles cause her, because it is important to her that the babies don’t go hungry. While the needles of the hedgehogs are soft, when they grow up, the needles will become sharp, but by then the hedgehogs will begin to eat on their own.

Veterinarians monitor the condition of the hedgehogs, saying that they are developing according to their age. Gradually the babies begin to be weaned from milk, more likely the cat will have to feed them more, although for her care of the crumbs became a joy, not a heavy burden.

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