“Disco Dancer” adopts a girl found in a trash garbage can: this is how beautiful she grew up

Mithun Chakraborty is one of India’s most recognizable and highly paid actors. During his career, he has acted in over 350 films, for which he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In his home country, the actor is loved not only for the characters he created, but also respected for his charity work.

Chakraborty had a starving childhood, and it was difficult to get into Bollywood at the start of his career, so he had to take on any job. So the actor knows firsthand the hardships and gives half of his royalties to the needy.

Fans have even more respect for the actor when they learned that he adopted a little girl, raising three sons. But the real shock was the story of this child.

Mithun and his wife, actress Yogita Bali, had no intention at all of becoming foster parents when one morning they decided to read one of the local Bengali newspapers. What they saw there changed the lives of the couple, who were already the parents of three sons at the time.

The paper was talking about an infant that the parents had thrown in the trash. The girl was in a terrible condition, the child was very emaciated. But doctors were able to save her.

Mithun and Yogita decided to adopt the baby and started collecting documents. The girl was lucky three times – when her quiet cries were heard and pulled out of the garbage can, when the doctors managed to cure her and when Chakraborty took her into their big family. The baby girl was named Dishani.

The Chakraborty family surrounded their adopted daughter with care and love. Dishani knew from childhood that she was not the biological daughter of Mithun and Yogita, but she never felt disadvantaged. And to her three older brothers she was always a princess and a little favorite.

The girl grew up a long time ago and lives in the States on her own. Now Dishani is 25 years old, and like her parents, she dreams of becoming an actress. The beauty moved to America to study acting. She graduated from the New York Film Academy and is now building a career in Los Angeles.

Dishani Chakraborty has played in three short films. One of them was filmed in India, the others – in the United States. In parallel, the beauty moonlights as a model.

Dishani also has stage experience. She recently took part in a production of a popular Broadway play.

By the way, Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter does not use the famous father’s connections at all. And if she wanted, the Bollywood star could have arranged for her favorite to play the lead role in any major project. But Dishani chose her own path, which, moreover, began in a foreign country, without connections. And that inspires respect.

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