Diver swam in Hawaii: dolphin asked him for help

Divers were swimming with manta rays in Hawaii when suddenly a dolphin swam up to one. It came very close to one of the divers, as if asking for help. Divers quickly realized what it wanted.

Divers found a fishing line and a hook stuck in its fin, which prevented it from swimming easily and probably caused it severe pain.

He carefully removed the hook, but his work was not finished. The fishing line is still tangled around the fin.

Fortunately, the diver had scissors, and he was able to free the dolphin. Then he said goodbye to the dolphin when it broke free.

It’s amazing how intelligent these creatures are. Dolphin swam up to this diver for help, and he helped it. It even glanced at him before it sailed away, as if to say «thank you» to him.

The images were provided by Keller Laros, a professional diving instructor and a specialist in stingrays. As an avid underwater operator, he uses his images to explore manta rays.

Laros is also the co-founder and president of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to «research and protection of manta rays and the marine environment.»

This important job gave Lars the opportunity to free several cops and sea turtles from the fishing line throughout his career (and this explains why he had scissors). But this was the first time a dolphin that needed help swam up to the diver.

Fortunately, this touching meeting was captured on video, and since then it has been watched millions of times. «It was a really amazing experience,» Laros wrote on his website.

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