«Divorced on the fourth day of marriage»: Here’s what Cage’s fourth young wife looked like

Believe it or not, this well-known and extremely talented actor has starred in over a hundred films. He starred in «Valley Girl», which brought him fame and $5,000.

He was at the peak of his career in the 1990s, best known for «Face/Off», «Leaving Las Vegas», and many others.

This acclaimed actor gained even more popularity by starring in films such as «National Treasure», «Windtalkers» and «Ghost Rider». He was the man with about $20 million.

Among the largest acquisitions he ever made was the entire castle of Neidstein. The only condition was that he had to share his fortune with all his wives, and that each should receive a share of it.

His spontaneous marriage to E. Koike raised questions among Internet users. Surprisingly, they divorced on the fourth day of their marriage.

Here are some photos taken by the paparazzi at the time. Many believe that the famous man’s financial opportunities prompted the young woman to choose him as her husband.

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