Dog shared water with koala

Danielle Stone, a resident of Ashton (Adelaide Hills, South Australia) captured her pet Rusty and a wild koala quenching their thirst from a vat of water.

For two years, a wild animal, nicknamed Quasi, has been making visits to the backyard of a private dwelling. There will always be eucalyptus leaves specially prepared for him and a vat of water.

Собака поделилась водой с коалой

According to the Australian, the marsupial beast in the midst of forest fires and abnormal heat, comes to visit them several times a day to quench its thirst. The family dog is happy to meet his new friend and keeps him company near the water tank.

В разгар аномальной жары пес поделился своей водой с коалой, вызвав умиление у пользователей Сети (видео)

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