Dog whose owner forgot to feed him day after day, until he could barely stand

Meet Benji! He lived with someone who, unfortunately, was no kind of owner.

Just imagine if you were deprived of food… But that’s exactly what Benji was subjected to, and he was close to death when he was rescued. He was sleeping on a bare floor and covered in sores. The reason? People had been throwing stones at him. He had even spent time chained up, writes animal rights organisation Sidewalk Specials.

Poor Benji was a young dog in South Africa in desperate need of some true friends. Benji was discovered severely malnourished because his owner forgot to leave any food out for him.

Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials, an animal rescue in Cape Town, South Africa, arrived to save him. It was heartbreaking to see his condition, but the kind rescuers had taken Benji from that horrible place and gave him the love and care he deserved.

The first thing the volunteers did was place an appetizing bowl of food where Benji could reach it.

It was obvious the dog was scared, but he was also too hungry not to take advantage of the feast placed in front of him.

“He thought it was a trick and he’d get kicked for eating, but he was too hungry to stop,” rescuers wrote.

Finally, the rescuers were able to grab Benji, and they immediately rushed him to a veterinarian.
Owner "forgot” to feed dog – now look at his transformation when animal hero puts out bowl of food
Sidewalk Specials took Benji under their care and made sure he got the love and nourishment he needed.
In the clip below, the organisation has captured Benji’s life on film. The first few minutes are really sad to see. Wait until you see Benji at 2:00! You won’t believe what you’re seeing! It’s shocking but in the best way possible! Watching Benji’s recovery and transformation is really wonderful! You start to see a difference at the two-minute mark.

Thank God Benji was rescued and now has a loving home!

All animals need is love and a good home! Please don’t abuse, neglect or throw away a beautiful animal, there’s no need!

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