Dogs that are terribly afraid of water. This facial expression needs to be seen

It is generally believed that dogs love water, unlike cats, for example, who can’t stand it. However, cute dogs from this collection simply destroy all kinds of stereotypes. It’s not just that they don’t like water, they are terrified of it.

Today we have prepared for you a funny selection of photos of dogs for whom water is something terrible, and bathing is equivalent to a huge punishment. These muzzles will definitely cheer you up. In their eyes you can read fear, horror, disgust and misunderstanding of what they are being «punished» for. In short, let’s watch together…


Treacherous water attack on a dog

Вероломное нападение воды на собаку…

He forgot to take them off the leash

Забыл снять с ручника

«Get me out of here!»

«Вытащи меня отсюда!»

«So, I’m not panicking, I’m just swimming to the shore faster…»

«Так, я не паникую, а просто побыстрее плыву к берегу…»

«From the shore, it seemed like a more fun idea…»

«С берега это казалось более веселой затеей…»

Island of safety

Островок безопасности

«I will never listen to you again!»

«Больше никогда тебя не буду слушать!»

«I won’t go-о-о-о-о-о!»

«Не пойду-у-у-у-у-у!»

«Save yourself who can!»

«Спасайся кто может!»

«Maybe I’ll wait for you on the shore?»

«Может, я вас на берегу подожду?»

«I don’t approve of this!»

«Я этого не одобряю!»

«Why didn’t you warn me that the water was cold?»

«Ты почему не предупредил, что вода холодная?»

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