Dogs who have lost their home continue to cuddle at the shelter

All they wanted was a new home where they could be together forever.

It’s always difficult for a dog when he gets into a shelter.

The dog does not understand why he was taken away from home. He does not know why he is now in this noisy place surrounded by many other dogs. We understand why they are confused.

Собаки, потерявшие дом, продолжают обниматься в приюте

For dogs who have lost their home, their stay in shelters can be frightening and lonely.

However, two furry friends were lucky enough to stay together after losing their home. And they support each other throughout their stay.

Employees of the Iowa Animal Rescue League were pleasantly surprised to see CC sitting comfortably on Chewbacca’s back.

Собаки, потерявшие дом, продолжают обниматься в приюте

«Chewbacca and little CC almost always hug when we walk past them. And quite often CС sits on Chewie’s back. These two love to walk and play together, » the shelter wrote on Facebook.

CС and Chewbacca have been living with their loving family for many years.

Собаки, потерявшие дом, продолжают обниматься в приюте

Unfortunately, they were the cause of allergies in a newborn baby. And so they were taken to the Iowa Animal Rescue League.

Fortunately, the couple was able to stay together in the rescue center.

«Almost every time we walk past their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewie or curling up against him,» spokeswoman Jessica Jorgenson told The Dodo.

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