«Don’t let go of my paw.» The dog was so afraid of being abandoned that he wouldn’t let go of the hand of the man who had taken him from the shelter

A year and a half ago, a man named Sam picked up a dog from a New Zealand shelter. Since they met, the battered and frightened puppy from the shelter had become a real stickler.
At first he even refused to let go of his owner’s hand and was with him for almost 24 hours. The owner says that contact with him calmed the dog down. And sometimes the dog was too insistent to beg for affection, and it could not help being uncomfortable.

Sam said he remembers meeting his pet for the first time. He was doing volunteer work and often helped walk dogs there. And as he found a dog with two six-month-old puppies Sam was assigned to watch one of them.
Meeting the owner was stressful for the puppy. He sat in the car for about an hour, afraid to get out. After a while he adapted to life in the apartment, learned to eat and drink from his bowl and became attached to his owner.

He climbed onto Sam’s bed and settled down beside him in such a way as to be sure to touch him. As soon as Sam switched positions, the doggie would do the same. Even as he got older, he didn’t lose this habit.

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