During the walk, the man heard screams — two dogs were drowning in the lake!

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Yuryev and his wife went for a walk. Of course, they had their faithful dog named Kira with them. The walk took place around an icy lake.

The places here are quiet and peaceful. But this evening it was different.

The couple heard a loud scream while walking. They couldn’t make out the words. The woman screamed the only thing they understood. They did not hesitate to run to the screams to help.

It turned out that the woman took her two Labrador dogs for a walk. The naughty dogs ran onto the ice, which cracked and now the dogs were drowning in the icy water. They did not understand what exactly the woman was shouting, but they hurried to the voice. It was necessary to save these poor fellows, who were already losing their last strength from the cold.

Timofey immediately tore off his shirt, jumped into the ice-cold water, and swam to their aid. Yuriev made his way towards them, breaking a path through the ice so that they would be able to doggy-paddle with him back to safety.

He was followed by his faithful Kira.

Man And Dog Break Through Icy Lake To Save Two Other Dogs | Country Rebel – Unapologetically Country

 «I used to live in Siberia,” he said, by way of explanation as to how he was able to dive into such cold water. “My grandfather, a hunter, he taught me how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself.»

However, he advises that swimming in cold temperatures can be incredibly dangerous, and that wading into a frozen lake to help isn’t a decision to be made lightly: “If you’re not sure, ask somebody else, because you might cause more damage than good,” he said.

Video: Man and his dog rescue two dogs that fell through the ice | Daily Mail Online

As a result, both dogs were saved. Fortunately, there were no injuries to the animals. The owner was happy that her fidgets were saved! She was insanely grateful to Timothy and Kira.

Timofey said that Kira is a smart dog, incredibly smart and kind. This dog has a unique way of correctly assessing situations, even the most dangerous ones. And she will certainly go to the aid of someone who needs it.

The owner boasted that it was not the first time for Kira to save lives. There were other cases when Kira showed herself as heroically as in this case.

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