Elephant went out on the highway, creating a traffic jam: she begged for help from people

A disturbed elephant just ran out onto the road near a town in India. The animal was clearly trying to get people’s attention. To do so, it even ran after cars. However, the elephant immediately stopped the pursuit as soon as the vehicle moved a hundred meters away from the place where it came out of the jungle.

At first people thought the elephant was aggressive, and drivers tried to drive it off the road. Soon it became clear that the animal would not attack people; rather, it came to the road to find help.

As it turned out, the elephant really was calling people for help, only not for herself, but for her baby. The elephant had fallen into a ravine, and the slippery ground and water prevented it from getting out.

The mother tried to help, but she could not hold the baby, risking slipping into the ditch herself every minute. The elephant decided that only humans could help her and the baby.

People dug small steps in the ditch, and the baby was able to climb up them. The elephant immediately ran up to his mother, and together they went into the forest.

Indians live near the jungle, they are used to wild animals and have learned to understand them. Thanks to the people, the elephant and her baby remained unharmed.

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