Emaciated puppy abandoned in a fruit box thrives in foster care

Daphne Bragg is the foster care coordinator at LifeLine Animal Project, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that runs the shelter that saved Plum.

The organization also operates a Fulton County Animal Service, two sterilization clinics, and several community programs run by volunteers.

According to Bragg,Plum was too exhausted and too weak when he arrived at the shelter.

«We couldn’t even get him out of the box to take him to a shelter,» she says. «So I and the girl I work with in the same office brought it to our office.»

Plum was not only exhausted but also scared and shy. Bragg suggests that before his rescue, he had never had a positive interaction with a person. And, having no other means of livelihood, he began to swallow plastic and garbage — everything he could find.
Presumably Plum is one year old. Fortunately, they managed to lure him out of the box.

Bragg kept him close by, letting him snuggle up to him in the office every day.

Bragg took great care of the puppy constantly repeating: «I love you, Plummers.»And once a weak and shy puppy quickly gained weight and strength and became cute and attractive.

Bragg took the Plum to her home.

She has three dogs of her own at home. Plum easily joins the pack.

«They teach him, but at the same time they give him confidence,» she says. «He follows the other dogs. He is really smart and a very capable student. He has already found his home.»

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