Every day this dog walks around the city: he walks a long distance to say hello to everyone.

We call them «best friends.» Their love, devotion and friendly, gentle nature make dogs one of the cutest creatures on Earth.

Meet Bruno, the adorable dog.

All dogs love walking, and they all have an adventurous spirit. But Bruno-mix from Chesapeake-Lab does it for a good reason. He walks 4 miles daily from his suburban home in Longville, Minnesota, just to say hello to everyone. And has been doing this for 12 years.

Naturally, he is a living legend among the locals, and everyone has heard of Bruno. «Everyone knows Bruno,» says resident Sharon Rose. «You may not know people, but you will know Bruno.»

Obviously, Bruno was already a wanderer as a puppy. In fact, that’s how he met his owner, Larry La Vallee. «A guy came up to me in the driveway, and Bruno was a little puppy at the time and said, ‘I found your dog at the end of the road. I say, «Well, it’s not my dog.» But Larry immediately fell in love with this cute puppy and immediately decided to adopt him.

At one point, Larry tried to stop Bruno from taking his daily long walks.He was very worried that he might be hit by a car. But he did not succeed. So Larry decided to let the adventurous dog to travel.

Everyone in town knows Bruno. He often visited the library, cafes, offices, grocery stores and even the town hall. And people greet him with warm hugs and food. «He’s our friend, we all love him,» said Patrick Moran, the owner of a real estate agency. «Last week he came to us and stayed here for about one and a half or two hours. »

Bruno was so loved by the townspeople that they appointed him a symbol of the city and installed a statue to him. «He’s friendlier than most people in the city,» another resident said. «He’s so charming. «

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