Every night the neighbor’s cat listened to the girl. But, one day, he decided to comfort her for real!

Only a cat knows how to comfort a woman!

Sometimes in the evenings I go out on the balcony to breathe, and from the balcony of the upper floor the neighbor’s cat comes down to me and just sits on my lap.

I could share everything with him as a friend. One day, I went out on the balcony in tears because of problems at work.

The neighbor’s cat, as usual, came down to me, and then, seeing that I was upset, climbed back up.

Three minutes later, a piece of sausage fell on me! A PIECE OF SAUSAGE!

I lift my head, and there’s the cat, looking at me so tenderly, as if telling me:

«Don’t get upset, you better eat something!»

Oh, the cat knows how to comfort a woman!

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