Examples proving that animals are the best babysitters for children

Pets can be the best babysitters in the world.

When a family has a baby, it’s kind of stressful for the pet, but not for long. Soon your dog or cat realizes that this adorable little lump needs to be cared for and protected. Therefore, pets are sensitive and affectionate to children and tolerate all of their antics and displays of affection.

This is how kittens protect children’s dreams, warming them with their warmth

You can look at these photos endlessly for a long time, there is no limit to their cuteness.

Who said that only dogs like to kiss?

There are also cats that are very fond of licking little owners as a sign of their loyalty and love.

 A beloved kitty will gladly keep company on the swing or during playtime

And here’s a little furry friend who helped mommy put the baby to sleep, and tried so hard that he fell asleep next to him

Not only cats have invented to warm the baby while he sleeps, dogs do it successfully, regardless of breed and size

Also, dogs are great as a pillow

On them they can comfortably lie down while watching cartoons or just for fun.

This tailed babysitter patiently plays «hospital» with his little owner, acting as a patient

The caring beagle makes sure that the baby does not put dirty hands in his mouth when he walks outside

These cute and huge Newfoundlands supervise the children during the trip and make sure they are disciplined

Is everyone belted in, is no one walking around the interior of the car and dabbling?

And the dog is never bored, it is always ready to cheer up the baby and play with him toys

With a dog sitter is not afraid to go on a picnic or a walk, it will always keep an eye on the child and stand guard menacingly

What do you think of this doggy care for children?

This babysitter will even help with thirst.

That’s how tender a monkey’s care for the mistress’s baby can be

There are people who have exotic pets, some of which most people would not let their children anywhere near. But in these families, such pets have so far coped very well with the role of nannies

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