Exciting rescue of a sloth from high-voltage wires

In Kenya, a sloth climbed a line of high-voltage wires. The moment of his rescue was caught on video. The video turned out to be very exciting!

The rescue team arrived at the scene, which was led by Víctor Hugo López, 38, who told the local media El Tiempo: “I have a lot of contact with the leaders of the area and they asked me for help because the little animal was there”.

Watch: Sloth climbing on live power lines rescued in Colombia - UPI.com

The rescuer climbed on a pole and tried to reach the sloth. However, he had already crawled away and it was impossible to reach him from arm’s length. Then the rescuer took an ordinary mop and decided to remove the sloth with its help. When the sloth moves to the mop, it takes your breath away. It seems like he’s about to snap! Fortunately, the rescuer managed to hold him with his hands.

The dramatic rescue of a sloth hanging on a high tension cable – 17Blogs

Even on the heights and in the man’s arms, the sloth kept fighting to escape. About this moment, Victor Hugo recalled: “I told him to come, not to be afraid of me, that I wanted to save his life. I asked him to listen to me, that this was to return him to his habitat. He was very nice because when I was finally able to hold him in our arms we lowered him with great affection and care”.

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