Family forced to leave dog at home moments before tornado

Spouses Bruce and Oni Dunlap live in the US state of Arkansas. They have quite a large number of pets at home: four cats and two dogs.

One morning, when the Dunleps had just woken up, an excited neighbor knocked on their door. She reported that a tornado was coming to their city. The couple’s electricity went out in the evening and therefore they didn’t know anything about it. The couple did not have time to prepare for evacuation in advance, in a hurry they could only help a disabled neighbor to go down to the shelter.

They didn’t have time to find all their animals. Sobbing that they had to leave one cat and one dog, the Dalneps went down to the basement, equipped so that they could wait out the elements.

After a while, Bruce and Oni decided to check if the tornado was over. Indeed, the strongest gusty wind has subsided. But because of him, the roof was blown off in the couple’s house. Outbuildings were also badly damaged. But that wasn’t what bothered them. They started calling the doggie and the cat who were left upstairs.

There were few chances that the animals survived. What was the joy of the couple when, a few minutes later, the hairy muzzle of a dog suddenly emerged from the wreckage. The Dalneps rushed to hug her. Bruce and They tearfully apologized to their pet for leaving her in the middle of the elements. She was just licking them.

After a couple of minutes, the kitty also returned. Fortunately, all the pets were unharmed.

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