Finally, a black bear with its head stuck in a plastic container is released

FWC shared on Facebook that a black bear spotted a month ago with a plastic container on its head was released.

Officials went to the scene as soon as they received the first report of a problematic female black bear. But she disappeared before they could help her.

«Our law enforcement agencies and employees working with bears set traps and monitored the territory, trying to remove the container, but the bear was not seen for more than three weeks,» writes FWC.

After 28 days, the bear was again seen on a home surveillance camera. Her head was still in the plastic container.

The rescue team quickly set traps and began night patrols around the neighborhood to make sure she didn’t escape. They eventually found her and used a tranquilizer dart to put her to sleep.

They carefully removed the container from the head and were shocked to see that the bear was in perfect health. «We believe that this container was part of a pet feeder.»

Fortunately, there was an opening that provided normal access for food and drink. Even after 28 days of carrying this container, the bear was in a normal physical condition!

There was a wound on the bear’s neck from the container, which was treated with antibiotics. She was monitored for 36 hours and then released into the Picayune Strand State Forest.

FWC thanked all the participants for their help in saving the bear.

Black bears can be found all over Florida. Bears often enter the neighborhood in search of food, but leave if they can’t find it.

Therefore, it is important that people do not try to feed the bears. This is illegal and dangerous.

They also advise that people clean up garbage properly so that bears are not attracted to free food.

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