Firefighters rescue two dogs trapped in a waterfall.

A passerby called 911 after she met two puppies in a difficult situation. Walking along the path near the Shekuagua Waterfall, she heard the barking of two dogs who managed to escape from their owners.

They found themselves on a small slippery ledge under a waterfall.

Unable to go anywhere but down, these puppies faced imminent danger. Without the help of rescuers, they could have died.

It is not known how the dogs managed to get into such a situation, since there was no clear path along which it would be easy to escape. As soon as the passerby realized that she could not help them, she called, and a grand rescue operation began.The Montour Falls Fire Department answered the call.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, it was clear how difficult this mission would be. There was a steep descent to the place where the dogs were, so the rescue team had to be creative to figure out how best to catch them.

After finding out the situation, they decided that a rescue rope was needed.

Deputy Chief Brian Swartwood began rescuing dogs with bungee jumping, which was supposed to lead him to the scene of the accident.

«We put a harness on the dogs and returned them to a safe place.» — said Brian Swartwood.

The video shows Swartwood slowly climbing up the slippery cliff face, approaching the frightened puppy. Two dogs bark at an approaching firefighter, thus asking for help.

The two allow Swartwood to wrap the rope around their body.

Once the ropes are secured, Swartwood begins climbing the cliff with one of the puppies in tow. All the time he comforts a nervous puppy.

When the couple finally reaches the top, another firefighter takes the dog to safety, and the same process is repeated with the second puppy.

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