Firefighters rescued a puppy stuck under a fence

Sometimes the curiosity of our beloved dogs can put them in a somewhat difficult position. In particular, to save one puppy, local rescuers had to intervene.

We all know that dogs have a habit of digging. It’s part of their nature. They like to do it.
They usually try to dig under the fence — either to get a better look, or to get out and go on an adventure. And this dog has greatly miscalculated its size. Trying to pass under the fence, the dog did not dig deep enough and eventually got stuck.

While this incident was quite unpleasant for the chubby dog, the Louisiana authorities were more than happy to help the poor guy.

As soon as the dog realized that he was caught and could not get out, he panicked. Rescuers quickly worked together to free the frightened puppy, putting an end to the poor dog’s nightmare.Fortunately, the dog was not injured.
After being released, rescuers were able to return it to its concerned owners.

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