For many years in a cage: the rescued lynx has finally raised her own kittens.

The life of this lynx mother was not easy. She was trapped by a breeder and forced to live in a cage with another lynx. For more than four years, the Cat and Miass were used only for breeding offspring. But, unfortunately, they did not even have the opportunity to get to know their babies, because as soon as the Cat gave birth, the kittens were immediately taken away from her. Then these little cubs were sold as pets all over the world!

Fortunately, after many years of captivity, Cat and Miass were rescued thanks to the efforts of Dr. Viktor Lukashevsky and his team. But now the biggest problem for rescuers was to rehabilitate these wild cats and release them to where they should be: back into the wild.

Although they stayed in the cage for 4 years (a huge time for a wild animal, especially for a lynx, whose life expectancy is about 15 years), Lukarevsky still had hope, since they were born in nature.

Dr. Lukarevsky and wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan recorded the lynx’s long rehabilitation journey in the BBC series.

«When I saw the lynxes, I thought there was no way to restore these animals to health and rehabilitate them,» Gordon Buchanan said.

The most difficult thing for the team is to help the rescued cats go wild again and stop trusting people. To survive in the wild, they will have to rely on themselves and no one else.

But a big step has already been taken. The couple became parents again while in a rehabilitation center in the Urals. The cat gave birth to two babies in the litter — Ivan and Aliona!

«I think they could be two of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen,» Gordon said after discovering the two-week-old kittens.

Look at how the Mother of the Lynx Cat hugs Aliona, one of her two kittens!

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