Foresters noticed an elephant that suddenly began to smoke as if it had a brazier instead of tusks

Foresters discovered an elephant with smoke coming out of its mouth. It was unexpected, and in the video recorded by the foresters, it seemed that the elephant had a real brazier instead of tusks.

A strange elephant was spotted in India’s Nagarahole National Park. The animal was standing quietly among the trees and looked perfectly normal at first glance. However, the elephant soon started smoking.

The park staff had never seen such a thing and decided to make a video and show it to the experts to others. Biologist Varun Goswami was able to solve the mystery of the smoking elephant. He speculated that the animal was feeding on smoking charcoal, which can be found in the wild in burned-out forest areas.

Charcoal has value for animals because it binds toxins and improves digestion of heavy foods. Primates are known to feed on charcoal, but to see an elephant engaged in such an activity was the first time it had been recorded.

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