Furry babysitter: A huge cat came to the farm and became a real friend for a newborn baby girl

Stefano de Munari is the owner of a farm in Italy. One day, while working on the property, the woman saw a huge and beautiful cat, it walked around her feet all day and it became clear that the cat was not domestic. Stefano decided to keep it.

At that time the woman was pregnant, and all that time Tiger (as she called her new friend) slept together with her. And when little Sofia came, he became the nurse for the baby.

And the young mother admits that when Tiger was with her daughter, she was always calm. He was her furry bodyguard and always watched the baby with curiosity.

He often put little Sofia to bed, purring his lullaby in her ear.

Tiger never scratched or bit, he even let the girl lie down on top of him.

These two became real friends, the cat was always near the baby.

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