Golden Retriever mom comforts her crying puppies by bringing them her favorite toys

Moms are amazing. They always cheer us up when we succeed and pick us up when we fall. They are not taught to be superhumans, but somehow they manage to be so.

And the dog mama Yammy is no exception. An adorable golden retriever has gone viral after she was filmed trying to comfort her puppies by bringing them her favorite toys.

Super mom, takes care of her newborn puppies.
In the footage, we see Yammy getting more and more anxious when her 3 newborn puppies start whining. Then she starts walking, trying to find a way to comfort her children.

This disturbing moment was captured by a surveillance camera at Yammy’s home in Zhengzhou, China.
Then we see the dog disappear from the frame to return to bed with one of her toys.

Then she starts pushing the toy with her nose, hoping to distract the puppies from crying, but they did not calm      down.

Refusing to give up, Yammy returns and takes more toys.

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