Golden retriever puppy confused seeing so many kittens

Dogs and cats are not getting along too well. But no one can handle a bunch of extremely cute new born kittens, not even a dog! After all, everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to resist to a cute tiny fluffy ball.

goldenretriever #kitten #cute Golden Puppy Curiously Watching Baby Kittens - YouTube

But what about when there’s not just one kitten, but dozens of them. No one could ever handle that cuteness overload. In such a “difficult” situation was put a gentle Golden Retriever puppy.

When realizing dozens of kittens have take over the bed, there is nothing this puppy can do, but feeding his curiosity. So he carefully approaches the meowing little things to see what’s going on.

Suddenly he notices a sea of kittens spread all over the bed. It is obviously the curious pup is enjoying every moment of this brand new experience, but even so he just sit there next to the bed without touching the kittens. He just keeps his snoot on the blanket absorbed by the cute scene that has unfolded in front of him. All this time the Golden Retriever’s tail didn’t stop wagging.

Golden Retriever Puppy Confused Seeing So Many Kittens

The cute little kittens are minding their own business exploring the place without being bothered by the dog’s presence in a way or another. Not even their overprotective mom doesn’t seem to have any problem with the curious eyes that are starring at them. It’s clear enough the pup’s intentions are nothing but good.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this touching scene. You should take a look too!

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