Gorgeous Siberian cat

A cat named Pepper was born in 2018. When the kitten was a few months old, Camilla took him into her house. It was she who revealed to the world the unique beauty of her pet. Pepper and Camilla live in a small village on the outskirts of a large forest. Now the owner takes every walk of this Norwegian forest cat on camera. The pictures are fantastic!

This cat is created for walking in the winter forest!

Camilla and Pepper are walking together. At first, the baby walked next to the owner on a leash, and then became bolder and began to walk independently, but with a collar with a GPS tracker. The cat is very calm and reasonable. He does not go far from home and always comes after a couple of hours of walking. The owner is vigilantly watching his movements.

Often a couple walks together. The cat is like a model posing in relaxed poses. These pictures delighted the Network.

Most of the pictures were taken near the house. The cat does not go far. After all, the forest is practically in his backyard.

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